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RT20 | Hardware-in-the-Loop Relay Testing with Reduced GB Transmission System Model

Author : Peter Imris

Peter Imris, Gareth Taylor, Martin Bradley, Brunel University London
Yun LI, National Grid ESO

The OPAL-RT technology is used to simulate many power systems across the world. Recently a reduced model of the GB transmission system was used for dynamic simulations using ePHASORSIM. This reduced model, originally built in PowerFactory by National Grid in 2012, was updated and modified to be used with the ePHASORSIM automatic conversion tool. In our presentation we will cover our experience with the conversion of the PowerFactory model into ePHASORSIM and compare the simulation results achieved by ePHASORSIM and PowerFactory in simulating the GB conditions of low inertia. An essential part of the research is the use of models with the OPAL RT target for Hardware-In-the-Loop studies with the dedicated OPAL RT 5700 simulator. The research conducted in this project covers testing the response of actual loss-of-main protection relays at various geographical locations on the GB transmission system model with various current and future conditions. Special attention is paid to the reduced inertia in the system resulting from the integration of renewable technologies. Overall, some difference between the PowerFactory and ePHASORSIM results has been observed. However, the Hardware-In-the-Loop studies show sufficient correlation with PowerFactory studies and have proved to be an effective way of testing the response of the actual relays reaction for current and future scenarios.