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RT20 | Real Time Simulation of Wind Turbines for HiL Testing at the Dynamic Nacelle Laboratory

Author : Adam Zuga

In the Dynamic Nacelle Laboratory (DyNaLab) at IWES complete wind turbine nacelles up to 10 MW can be tested under realistic and reproducible conditions for prototype validation purposes regarding mechanical loading and electrical characteristics. In the presentation we will show, how we are simulating the missing components, mainly rotor and tower, using OPAL-RT simulator platform OP5600 to be able to emulate realistic loads and the dynamic turbine behaviour similar to free-field tests. Therefore, the application scenario starting with a load calculation model and ending with a HiL test at the test rig, thereby collected experiences and an outlook for further development will be presented.

Biography: Adam Zuga is an automation engineer and works since 2009 at Fraunhofer IWES located in Bremerhaven, Germany in the fields of wind turbine modelling and simulation as well as automation of test rigs for wind turbine systems and components in connection to real-time simulations. Currently he is the project manager for the research project CertBench regarding systematic validation of system test benches based on type testing of wind turbines and is the leader of the group Process Automation and Real Time Systems at Fraunhofer IWES DyNaLab.