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Webinar | Cloud-Based EMT Simulation for Wide Area Control HIL Testing | OPAL-RT Learning Journey

Author : Mehrdad Kazemtabrizi & Etienne Leduc

In this demo, discover HYPERSIM’s capability to leverage cloud infrastructure to execute Electromagnetic Transient (EMT) simulations of large-scale power systems through Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation. An IEEE-118 bus network is imported to HYPERSIM from PSCAD, and four DER plants (PV and DFIG wind generation plants) are integrated with various buses. Virtual Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) are placed throughout the network to report phasor measurements to a Wide Area Control system through the IEEE C37.118 protocol. The Wide Area Control algorithm, executing on a SEL-3360 controller located at OPAL-RT’s headquarters, monitors the states in the system and takes the prescribed action when stability concerns are raised. As a result, the metered communication latency stays well within pre-defined boundaries. HYPERSIM on Demand facilitates planning and stability studies for large power systems and makes it possible to interface external hardware and software to perform HIL tests.