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Demo | Bringing On-Board Charger (OBC) Models to Real-Time | OPAL-RT Learning Journey

Author : Sébastien Cense & Hamza Souleimani

This demo showcases real-time simulation of an On Board Charger (OBC) with the new version of the FPGA-based Power Electronics Toolbox (eHSx128 Gen5) on an OP4610XG simulator. The OBC is composed of an AC-DC PFC converter and a DC-DC LLC resonant converter, with the power electronics devices being controlled using fast switching signals of up to 180kHz. This sample configuration demonstrates the extent of the high resolution that the 5th Generation of OPAL-RT’s eHSx128 can bring to the simulation of resonant converters, as well as the Schematic Editor’s convenience and workflow integration when applying changes to the circuit while iterating on the model in real-time.