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Webinar | Power Hardware-in-the-Loop: Closed-loop Test Benches, and Their Considerations, Solutions, and Applications | OPAL-RT Learning Journey

Author : Giovanni De Carne (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology) & Sebastian Hubschneider

Power hardware-in-the-loop systems enable highly safe, repeatable, and realistic testing of future electrical systems, equipment, and devices--both for rapid prototyping and for regulatory approval. However, successful test bed design and operation requires careful system layout. In the process, compromises must be made through fine-tuning. These involve not only the technical design of the simulation configuration, but also the weighting of conflicting requirements for PHIL systems. In this presentation, PHIL systems and their requirements are classified. Then, the necessary considerations for building a closed-loop system are presented and an overview of the options for designing the overall system is given. Finally, the challenges of building a robust PHIL system are discussed, and analytical approaches and potential solutions are briefly presented.