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Demo | eVTOL HIL Testing to Accelerate the Future of Air Mobility | OPAL-RT Learning Journey

Author : Alexandre Leboeuf & Ion Banaru

Watch a Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation demonstration combining multiple PMSM motors as can be found on an eVTOL. For the purposes of the demonstration, a PV array will be connected and shown recharging a battery powering three-phase inverters coupled to a DC link on the aircraft. The intention is to demonstrate the accuracy and flexibility of OPAL-RT’s FPGA motor model. The models, in tandem with FPGA technology, are capable of solving the motor equations at a time-step of 250 nanoseconds. To control the motors, and thus the inverters, a flight controller is implemented on an OP8666, which boasts TI’s popular C2000 series microcontroller. Finally, to add some hands-on experience, the user will be able to use a joystick and throttle control to manipulate the virtual eVTOL.