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Reference Number: AA-00609// Views: AA-00609// Created: 2010-05-03 05:00:00// Last Updated: 2015-05-31 23:52:53
Problem & Solution
Undefined reference to _intel_fast_memset build error related to rte_delay


I am trying to build my model manually (ie not using RT-LAB's interface) using gcc compiler. The model includes some RTE blocks (in this example the RTE Delay block). I get the following error:

/home/path/codegen/lib/libsimodels_external_rtevents_rt34_b1r2007br.a(rte_delay.o): In function `mdlInitializeConditions': Src/Simulink/Rxx/Blocks/rte_delay/rte_delay.c:(.text+0x52f): undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memset'

What can I do?


RT-Events is compiled with the intel compiler to increase its performance. When you want to compile a model with gcc, you need to link it with two intel libraries. When using RT-LAB's interface, it is done automatically but you have to do it manually in your case. The libraries are:

* libirc.a

* libimf.a

Those libraries can be found under your RT-Events installation.

Keywords: intel fast memset