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Reference Number: AA-00786// Views: AA-00786// Created: 2011-11-17 05:00:00// Last Updated: 2019-09-26 14:38:27
How to open a telnet connection from RT-Lab

 Using RT-Lab 10.X or 11.X or 20XX, you can access telnet within RT-Lab.

First, right-click your target and select Tools>Telnet
Machine generated alternative text: RT-LABFile Edit Search Simulation Tools Window HelpProject Explorer rtdemo2.mTÇ_____________________ Overview,7 Targetsj localhost General Informationtion describes general informatRSUSu Copy Ctrl+C rtdemo2Su Paste Ctrl+V C:IOPAL-RT/RT-LAB1O.2.4fwcSuNot loadableRename F2¡ RTdem X Delete Deletej Refresh F5Install DiagnosticTools GetI/O infos LExecute I Telnet• Development Execution VSet as development node I Propei CompilatiProperties Alt+Enter get [Supportl27] - Get I/O infos‘J—

If you want to access telnet through Windows 7 you can follow this KB article