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Reference Number: AA-01025// Views: AA-01025// Created: 2015-10-13 19:08:49// Last Updated: 2023-11-14 13:36:56
How to power the different DB37 boards for digital outputs

How to power the different DB37 boards for digital outputs

OPAL-RT boards have banks of 16 signals, each one made available to the user via DB37F connectors of the chassis in which the module is installed. The Output voltage level configuration of most OPAL-RT DOUT boards is provided via external reference input pins, Vuser and Vrtn (normally Vuser ground), connected to an external voltage source. Each bank of 16 signals have their own external reference input pins, Vuser and Vrtn, to be used with DOUT boards ONLY.

How to set the voltage output level with the board 126-0361 (since august 2015) for digital outputs:

  • Set the manual switch of the board to EXT. as shown below;
    • Do NOT set the switch to INT.12V (this option is there only for a few very specific scenarios)
  • Connect an external power supply to the 2-pin screw terminal (see the specifications document of your DOUT board for voltage limits)