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Reference Number: AA-01044// Views: AA-01044// Created: 2015-11-03 22:53:56// Last Updated: 2023-07-14 15:44:58
How To Install and Connect to a Simulator with MobaXterm

Step 1: Installation of MobaXterm

1. Download MobaXterm from website: (Note: Install the Home Portable edition) 

2. Launch MobaXterm installer.

3. Click Next to start installation. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

4. Choose installation folder, then click Next. Then click Install.

5. After the installation, click Finish.

Step 2: Configuration of MobaXterm

6. Open MobaXterm

7. Click Session in the top toolbar to create a new session

8. Configure the new session in SSH mode for user root. In "Remote host", write your simulator's IP address.

9. When the session configuration is completed, you will be prompted to enter the root user's password. Then, a session will start automatically. For future use, open a session by double clicking on the session list on the left side of MobaXterm. (Note: Login and password are given in the System Description document)