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Reference Number: AA-01474// Views: AA-01474// Created: 2018-04-19 19:00:41// Last Updated: 2018-06-06 17:00:34
HYPERSIM 6.1 License Configuration on Localhost and Target (Simulator)

HYPERSIM 6.1 License Configuration on Localhost and Target (Simulator)

This article will go through the steps to install the HOST license on your Windows PC.

You can get the latest version of HYPERSIM on our Download Page.


Step 1: Open the HYPERSIM License Activation Tool

Step 2: Click on Request a new license

Step 3: Please fill up the customer information and Save to file and send the .opal file to OPAL-RT Support Team

Step 4: Load a license file that will be sent by OPAL-RT Support Team

Step 5: Activate the license

Step 6: Open HYPERSIM

Target (Simulator):

Step 1: Open HYPERSIM 6.1 > Go to the HYPERSIM Tab > Tools > Target

Step 2a: To install a new version of HYPERSIM, connect to the Target by typing the static IP address. This address is provided in the System Description Document pdf provided with the Simulator.

Step 2b: Check in the Version list if the latest version is present.

Step 2c: If not, click "Install".

Step 2d: Make sure that HyCore version (Simulator) and HyCore Local version (LocalHost) match.

Step 2e (Optional): You can change the HyCore version by using "Switch".

Step 2f: Click on Restart Services.

Step 3a: Go to the Licensing Tab.

Step 3b: If you don't have the license for your Target, copy the Machine ID and send to OPAL-RT Support.

Step 3c: If you already have a license, simply click on "Install License" and select the .bin file that you received from OPAL-RT Support Team.

Step 3d: Click on Restart Services.