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Reference Number: AA-01565 // Views: 2 // Created: 2018-12-04 17:38:20 // Last Updated: 2018-12-04 17:39:02
Problem & Solution
Max Technology ARINC 429 card is not detected / error while loading model


I installed the Max Technology ARINC 429 card myself in the OPAL-RT target simulator and I get an error while loading the model + it seems that the card is not detected.


1) First,the ARINC429 card is mounted on a carrier with PCI connection. It is important to know that some (older) target simulators have PCI connection and other (newer) target simulators have PCIe connection. Thus the proper riser needs to be used. Make sure the riser is provided by OPAL-RT has it needs a specific modification.

2) Make sure that the ARINC429 card itself is properly seated in its carrier. 

3) You can use the attached piece of software (test_MaxT_IP429to verify the ARINC429 detection (note it should be installed on the target already). 

  • Transfer the file to the target using MobaXterm or via an FTP. Use for example the path /home/arinc/
  • Run the command # /home/arinc/test_MaxT_IP429 -l and check if the card is detected

4) If the card is not detected, disconnect  and reconnect the PCI (or PCIe) cable to different PCI (or PCIe) slots, powering down and up the target every time you change slot. 

5) Run the test at 3) again and if the card is still not detected, please contact [email protected] mentioning that you followed this KB article.

test_MaxT_IP429.zip49.7 KbDownload File