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Reference Number: AA-01568 // Views: 0 // Created: 2018-12-12 22:35:45 // Last Updated: 2018-12-13 20:13:35
Problem & Solution
TestDrive 2.x Error: Unable to Open VI. The VI is Not Executable


In TestDrive 2.x, I receive the following error regarding my LabVIEW panel:

Unable to open VI. The VI is not executable

I have confirmed that the VI can be executed successfully in the LabVIEW Development System. What are other possible causes of this error?


If the VI can be executed in LabVIEW without errors, verify that it does not contain any unsupported LabVIEW controls or functions, such as Express VIs, refnums, I/O data types, strings, arrays, and clusters (some examples are shown below)

For a complete list of supported and unsupported LabVIEW controls, please refer to the Supported LabVIEW Controls section of the TestDrive System Administrator Guide installed here: C:\OPAL-RT\TestDrive2.x\Doc\Software

For general information on creating a LabVIEW panel for use in TestDrive, see the KB article How to Create a LabVIEW Panel for TestDrive