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Reference Number: AA-01575 // Views: 10 // Created: 2019-01-08 21:59:04 // Last Updated: 2019-01-09 14:44:54
"Controller has stopped working" Error in RT-LAB

"Controller has stopped working" Error in RT-LAB

One general error that RT-LAB can produce when being executed is "Controller has stopped working". The cause of this type of error, for the most part, must be investigated on a per-case basis. Customer is advised to contact OPAL-RT "Support" department while providing more information to further investigate the error. This information can be contained in the crash log of the "Controller.exe" or "RT_LAB.exe" processes. Please refer to the following KB for further details on how to obtain a crash log (also referred to as "crash dump"):

The afore being said,  the following is a non-exhaustive list of best practices and advice to try and reduce the occurrence of such "Controller has stopped working" error:

Best practices:

1.- Allow all RT-LAB processes through the PC Firewall; lower the user account control settings or execute RT-LAB processes as administrator

2.- Withing the RTLAB interface avoid multiple open projects since each additional open project creates an executable instance that can generate errors. Closed any projects that are not being used

3.- Keep only one model in every project

4.- Multiple installations of RT-LAB may interfere with the opaldloader.exe. Whenever possible keep only one RT-LAB version installed.

5.- Try and have installed the latest available RT-LAB version.  and compounds possible issues

6.- If necessary try and create a new workspace and  clear the directory of opal-rt files and re-input all necessary settings in a fresh workspace and project

There are also some known general reasons that may trigger this type of error:

Potential causes of the error:

a) Using RT-LAL GUI and python scripts at the same time

b) Using deprecated API functions

c) Using not up-to-date versions of RT-LAB 

d) The SNAPSHOT function of RT-LAB (during model loading) can trigger this error. In that case, the "SNAPSHOT" environment variable with the value "OFF" can be declared in the model/ project that generates the error. Refer to the following :