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Reference Number: AA-01576 // Views: 9 // Created: 2019-01-10 21:14:19 // Last Updated: 2019-03-26 21:21:33
Hypersim 6.2 : License Request and Installation - Connection to the Simulator

This article will go through the steps to install the Host and Target License for Hypersim 6.2.

You can get the latest version of HYPERSIM on our Download Page.

Please note that for Hypersim 6.2 the license file is a zip file. You will need to install the whole zip file, without unzipping it.

License Request and Installation for the Localhost:

1.1- Open the Activate Hypersim tool

1.2- If you don't have a license for your Host PC for Hypersim 6.2, click on "Request a new license". If you have already a valid license go to step 4

1.3- Please fill up the customer information and click on "Save to file" and send the .opal file to OPAL-RT Support Team

1.4- Load the license file ( .zip ) send by OPAL-RT Support Team. You will need to install the whole zip file, without unzipping it.

1.5- Activate the license

1.6- Open Hypersim

License Request and Installation for the Target ( Simulator ):

2.1- Open HYPERSIM 6.2 > Go to the HYPERSIM Tab > And click on Target Manager

2.2- Click on "Add a new Target" if you are using a new target. You will need to enter the static IP address of the target. This address is provided in the System Description Document pdf provided with the Simulator.

2.3- Again in Target manager, under your target, in the "Versions" tab, Install the version 6.2 on the target. Once the installation is finished you can click on "Refresh" and verify that Hypersim 6.2 is correctly installed on the target

2.4- IMPORANT : Click on "Auto-Configure" and click on "Apply" and "OK"

2.5- If you don't have a license for Hypersim 6.2 for your target, you will need to request a license. For that re-open the "Target Manager", and click on "Get the Target information", you can then save this file and send it to our support at [email protected]

2.6- Select the license file ( .zip ) send by the Support team and Install it. You will need to install the whole zip file, without unzipping it.

2.7- You can now run your model