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Reference Number: AA-01832 // Views: 32 // Created: 2020-02-12 22:38:16 // Last Updated: 2020-02-12 23:09:55
How to Create an eHS Circuit Model Using National Instruments Multisim

National Instruments Multisim is one of the supported circuit editors for the eHS solver.  Follow the steps below to create an eHS circuit:

1. Download and install NI Multisim 13.0.1 Professional.  Note that this is the only supported Multisim version.

2. Download and install the NI Multisim 13.0.1 Professional Patch

3. Verify that NI Multisim is fully licensed using the NI License Manager.  For more information on licensing, or to purchase a Multisim license, please contact National Instruments.

3. Download the attached folder.  If using the RT-LAB platform, its contents can also be found under C:\OPAL-RT\eFPGAsim\vx.x.x.xx\Common\bin

4. Right-click Multisim Export Setup.exe and choose Run as an Administrator

5. Click Enable Export

6. If desired, use the Browse button under New Path to select a path to store generated circuit model files

7. Click Close and close the application

8. Open the file Exportable_OpalRT.ms13 from the attached folder

9. Open a new Multisim file and create your custom circuit using only components copied and pasted from Exportable_OpalRT.ms13

10. Navigate to Simulate >> Interactive Simulation Settings and enter any time step value into the TMAX field (this value will not be used)

11. Press the Run button in the toolbar to generate an XML file.  Although the simulation is running, no simulation results will be produced (it is not possible to run an eHS circuit 'Offline' in Multisim).

12. Confirm that the XML file has successfully been generated by checking the Current Export Path directory configured in Step 6

13. Press the Stop button in Multisim to stop the simulation

14. The generated XML file can now be imported into the eHS solver

MultisimCircuitExport.zip0.7 MbDownload File