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Reference Number: AA-02038 // Views: 0 // Created: 2021-09-20 16:50:52 // Last Updated: 2021-10-13 17:46:36
How to use FMU Creator to compile a FMU with DYMOLA

Compile a FMU with DYMOLA to be used for Offline simulation ( on a Windows Host PC ):

In this article, I'm going to show you how to compile an FMU with Dymola compiler with FMU creator.

We will for this use an existing FMU created by OPAL. As a reminder, they can be found here: ( OP302: Functional Mock-Up Unit ( FMU ) Integratiojn in ePHASORsim )


1- Install Visual Studio 2010

Use this link to install Visual Studio 2010:


2- Configuration of the compiler Dymola:

- Open Dymola and go to Simulation

- Go in simulation and then Setup

- Go on the tab Compiler, select Visual Studio 2010 as the compiler and click on Verify Compiler to check that the compiler is properly installed ( you shouldn't have any error )

3- Use FMU creator to generate the FMU

- Open the metacontroller and open FMU Creator and follow the following steps:

a- Select the package with the GenUnit by clicking in Select Package

b- Select the OpalRT_Dev as a dependency

c- Select Dymola as Modelica Compiler

d- Select the folder where you would like to have the file generated 

e- Compile the FMU

If there is no errors in the output log, the file should be created in the folder mention in d. This file can be then used for your offline simulation with ePHASOR and FMU.

Compile a FMU to be used for real-time simulation ( on a OPAL Simulator ) :

Follow this article in order to generate an FMU compatible with a real-time simulator: