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Reference Number: AA-02040 // Views: 45 // Created: 2021-09-30 19:11:59 // Last Updated: 2021-09-30 19:18:30
Problem & Solution
Error at the Load with asynchronous process: Invalid number of inputs connected to the block inputs: X instead of X


When using a asynchronous process in your model, you notice when loading your model that you have this error message:

AsyncSorensenXG40 -> Invalid number of inputs connected to the block inputs: 3 instead of 0
AsyncSorensenXG40 -> ERROR: Invalid model
AsyncSorensenXG40 -> ERROR: communication interface will not be started
AsyncSorensenXG40 -> exiting with code -1 

In this case, the asynchronous process is named AsyncSorensenXG40 and it will not be properly launched.


When using an asynchronous process, you define a controller ID in the control block that will be associated to each OpAsyncSend and OpAsyncRecv blocks.


On the corresponding OpAsyncSend and OpAsyncRecv blocks, you will need to make sure that the Controller ID, Send ID and Receive ID are the same number