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Reference Number: AA-02049 // Views: 86 // Created: 2021-10-28 17:51:50 // Last Updated: 2021-10-28 17:55:32
Hypersim - Unable to Reach PC Host


When I open Hypersim I get the error " Unable to connect to simulation for user [...] " as in the image below and I can’t launch any simulation or use the Hypersim ribbon.


Case 1: Hypersim processes were not ended properly

1.  Close Hypersim.

2.   Open a Task Manager > Details tab.

3.   Kill the tasks hyservMain and Hycore processes.

4.    Open Hypersim again.

Cause 2: Wrong LocalHost Network settings

1.   Open command prompt and type 'ipconfig', take note of the IP address of the computer IPV4.

2.  Open Hypersim.

3.   Open Target Manager.

4.   Selet Targets -> localhost -> Network.


5.   Select 'Fixed address' and type the localhost IP address.

6.   Click on Apply.

7.   Restart Hypersim.