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Reference Number: AA-02055 // Views: 1 // Created: 2021-12-07 19:06:14 // Last Updated: 2021-12-17 17:41:49
Problem & Solution
Power Electronics Add-On: Unexpected Behavior with NI PXI Switch and DAQ Modules


NI PXI Switch and DAQ Modules may not function or behave as expected when used with the Power Electronics Add-On, even if the module is correctly installed and recognized.

  • This issue is not easy to notice by the user since no error is occurring during the deployment of the Veristand project.
  • This issue happens only if the target is running Phar Lap OS.


If the user is facing this issue, he should at first make sure that the NI PXI Module works properly by running a separate project that includes only the NI PXI Module (without the Power Electronics Add-On).

Once the user confirms that the NI PXI Module behaves in a wrong way only if he use it with the Power Electronics Add-On, then as a workaround, he can migrate to the NI Linux Real-Time OS.

Here are the NI Linux Real-Time OS installation instructions :

Note : Any settings configured on the PXI controller will be lost if the user decides to migrate the operating system.

If the issue persists after migrating to the NI Linux Real-Time OS, please contact the OPAL-RT Support.