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Reference Number: AA-02078// Views: AA-02078// Created: 2022-07-14 20:01:17// Last Updated: 2023-04-06 17:26:46
How to Configure and Test an IEC 60870-5-104 Communication

The IEC 60870-5-104 communication is already prepared in HYPERSIM as one of the Communication Protocols, allowing to exchange data over TCP with any industrial devices and SCADA systems to be set according to user needs. More information can be founded in IEC 60870-5-104 Wiki Page

In this case a Slave will be configured and at the end of this KB, an example on how to test it with a virtual Master will be presented.

To set the IEC 104 communication on HYPERSIM, open the I/O Interface:

Right-click over the communication name and add an I/O Interface:

This will create all the configurations related to IEC 104 communications in the Slave’s folder. At this point adjust the Slave name, the communication protocol and other characteristics.

The IEC 104 slave presents seven different types of data. All of them are initialized with an input and an output that can be changed or excluded during the configurations.

For the inputs, change the name and the data value, defining the initialization value for the variable.

After setting all the variables in the IEC 104 communication Slave, assign them to the system elements using the sensor summary.

In the sensor summary, in the I/O Connection column, click on the list symbol. It will open the list of all inputs and outputs that where previous defined in the I/O Interface Configuration. Select the signal to be assigned (inputs will be in blue and outputs will be in red).

Configure the simulation to run in real time on the target.

To test the IEC 104 communication it is recommended to download the IEC 60870-5-104 Client Master Simulator, which is a free application available at  (This application is free and each time it is opened, it gives15 minutes of free usage, after which, it will close and has to be restarted).

Open the Client IEC 104 Simulator. Click on Add Client.

It will create some tabs in the top. Go to IEC_104_CLIENT_1 tab and enter the IP address of your simulator. Use the same IP Address that was configured on HYPERSIM to run the model in the target.

Before start the communication, start the simulation in HYPERSIM. Go to Data_Objects_1 tab and click Start Communication. It will create a list of all the channels available in the communication.

To find the values of the variables that were set, search the IOA address following the corresponding data address on the I/O Interface Configuration from HYPERSIM.