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Reference Number: AA-02082 // Views: 22 // Created: 2022-07-28 09:22:46 // Last Updated: 2022-07-28 09:41:47
HYPERSIM: How to Flip/Transpose the Phases of a Bus / How to Draw Phases Individually?


How can I transpose the phases in HYPERSIM? For instance, to flip the phases from A,B,C to B,C,A?


There are two main options, both are based on the 'Draw Phase X' option.

Did you know?

In HYPERSIM, we can draw each phase individually using the corresponding tool in the ribbon Home > Tools > Draw Signals dropdown.

However, the 'Draw Phase X' works only when connecting to a Bus! Therefore, it is mandatory to draw a bus before splitting the phases.

Option 1: Adding a Small Impedance in Series

First, use the 'Draw 3-phase bus' tool to draw two buses.

Second, add a small resistance or impedance between each phase.

Third, to wire the phases, use the individual option (i.e. Draw Phase A, Draw Phase B, etc.).

Fourth, to verify the connections, simply click on the bus and everything should highlight. If it does not highlight, the connections are not correct. Expected result:

Lastly, verify with ScopeView that the phases are properly inverted (if there is a small offset, it is probably due to the inductance. Simply reduce it to get rid of the offset).

Option 2: Using a Transformer

A custom transformer where each phase is defined individually can also be another good point to exchange the phases.