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Reference Number: AA-02093 // Views: 3 // Created: 2022-09-14 20:01:41 // Last Updated: 2022-11-30 17:45:12
How to Do a Master-Slave Synchronization Between Two Oregano Cards

To do a synchronization between two oregano cards, it is possible to do it connecting the two ethernet ports of both Oregano cards, or both X4 connectors using a coaxial cable.

One of them should be configurated as low priority (Priority of 250) to force the Oregano card to operate as a slave and then it must be able to synchronize to the other one.

For the synchronization using IRIG-B signal the TX sync out of the 'slave' simulator should be connected to the RX sync in of the 'master’ simulator. Then, the master simulation should be launched first, and then the slave simulation.

For the communication, it can be used the PTP or the IRIG-B.