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Reference Number: AA-02167 // Views: 42 // Created: 2023-05-01 22:19:44 // Last Updated: 2023-05-05 13:05:24
HYPERSIM: How to Add Observables to Subcircuits or Subsytems.

This article shows how to add observables to an existing subcircuit. This can be useful to gain access to internal signals. 

A video, featuring a DFIG Wind Turbine, is embedded in this article for making it easy to follow the process

1) Setup your HYPERSIM model and copy the DER or subsystem to modify.
2) Copy the DER in the same file.
3) Right click the copied DER or subsystem and select Attributes in the menu
4) Click the last option, "Make changes unique..."

This step makes sure that the original model is not modified in the event that a mistake is made. 

Please watch the video for the remaining steps. 

VIDEO: How to add observables