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Reference Number: AA-02179// Views: AA-02179// Created: 2023-05-15 15:25:33// Last Updated: 2023-12-13 19:27:08
Problem & Solution
[ARTEMiS] Volt-VAR Function from Smart Inverter Library Displaying Incorrect Values


You have observed unexpected results for reactive power Qr when using the Voltage-Reactive Power (Volt-VAR) function of the Secondary Control block.

In this case example, the expected result for reference Reactive Power Points was 0 when the Voltage Points (Vrms_avg) is equal to 1, as can be seen in the configuration of the Voltage Support with Reactive Power Control tab in the Secondary Control block below:

However, instead of receiving an output of Qr = 0 when the input is Vrms_avg = 1, the actual output received was 300:


This error has been observed on MATLAB version 2019b and later. To solve it, please downgrade the MATLAB version to 2019a or previous. Download MATLAB versions through the following link.

See this KB Article for instructions on how to set the MATLAB version from RT-LAB. The following table shows the MATLAB versions that run without issue:

For more information on the Secondary Control block of the Smart Inverter Library, refer to the User Documentation. Do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support specialists for any inquiries.