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Reference Number: AA-02219 // Views: 6 // Created: 2023-08-29 19:27:50 // Last Updated: 2023-08-31 13:44:06
How to Create a Mask for a Group of OpInputs/OpOutputs

Step 1: Adding OpOutputs and creating a Subsystem for them.



Step 2: Creating a mask for that Subsystem by right clicking on that block


Step 3: Navigate to the Parameters & Dialog tab, and use the Promote option on the left to promote the 3 parameters 

            (Promote is the recommended way to pass parameters, more details can be found in this documentation: Pass Values to Blocks Under the Mask)



Step 4: Open the Promoted parameters list and select Identifier_use from different OpOutputs.



Note:  You will have to update the identifier names in the top mask, since we cannot have the same names for parameters within one mask.



Step 5: Click on Apply, then you will be able to name them in one mask: