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Reference Number: AA-02221// Views: AA-02221// Created: 2023-08-31 13:30:57// Last Updated: 2023-08-31 13:54:41
General Article
[EXata] My First EXata + RT-LAB Model / My First EXata + HYPERSIM Model

[EXata] My First EXata + RT-LAB Model / My First EXata + HYPERSIM Model

NOTE: Before starting this hands-on, make sure your setup is up and running by checking out this KB: [EXata] Getting Started With EXata CPS on OPAL-RT Simulator (Installation, License and Useful Links)

Attached to this KB is two PDFs with a step-by-step hands-on: 

  • One with RT-LAB + EXata
  • One with HYPERSIM + EXata

What is Covered in Those Hands-On?

This hands-on will guide you to:

1- Configure an TCP Server and Client

2- Configure the EXata CPS Interface in RT-LAB / HYPERSIM

3- Configure the EXata CPS model

4- Run the Setup

5- Make your First Attack in EXata

6- Analyze an Modify Packet Attack Using Wireshark.

NOTE: No license is required for the TCP driver


hands-on_EXata_HYPERSIM_TCP.pdf 3.1 Mb 3.1 Mb
hands-on_EXata_RT-LAB_TCP.pdf 2.9 Mb 2.9 Mb