Rapid Control Prototyping

Accelerate control engineering 
with OPAL-RT Rapid Control Prototyping Solutions
Rapid Control Prototyping Solutions
OPAL-RT provides a complete range of Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) solutions to quickly develop, iterate and test your control strategies, and cut back on development risks, time and cost.
A solution for all types of electric motor control needs and requirements.
Ideal for the design and test of complex control, protection and measurement systems used in modern power systems.
A central role in the mechatronics, robotics and medical systems control development process.
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Learn what Rapid Control Prototyping is and the difference between RCP and HIL.
Discover how OPAL-RT Rapid Control Prototyping can impove your productivity and reduce time to market.
A flexible, easy-to-use FPGA model execution and IO management.