WEBINAR | OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES INDIA | Real-Time Simulation of Microgrids: Challenges and Opportunities


We hoped you enjoyed our webinar, Real-Time Simulation of Microgrids: Challenges and Opportunities, as much as we did! If you weren’t able to make it, catch our replay >

OPAL-RT INDIA WEBINAR | Real-Time Simulation of Microgrids: Challenges and Opportunities

Presented by OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES India, learn in this webinar the importance of precise and accurate Real-Time Simulation of Microgrids, which are becoming an important facet of today’s power systems in every part of the world.

The integration of renewable energy sources is becoming critical in today’s power systems and is becoming a significant challenge, because of the variety and complexity of the sources in the realm of power system dynamics. As the world begins to appreciate the advantages of harnessing renewable resources, the difficulties it presents for power electronics control is increasing daily. Researchers and industry experts need a platform on which to perform detailed analysis and implementation of microgrid simulations, with the ability to achieve fast and accurate results. This webinar explores these challenges and opportunities.


Tej Kiran Rangineedi
EMS Specialist

Mr. Tej completed his master’s program in the field of Power Electronics and Systems from Manipal University in the year 2014 and has been working for OPAL-RT since then. During his stay, he developed various models to demonstrate the technical aspects of modeling electrical systems using OPAL-RT tools for both internal/external customers. Tej also worked on consultation projects from external customers like GE, GTRE for modeling and simulation roles. Tej has a handful of experience on projects pertaining to motors and converters.

Presentation Abstract:
Mr. Tej will present on the traditional microgrid technology and its recent transformations. He will try to bridge the link between the real-time simulation aspects as an important step forward to end goal objectives. He will also provide information on the role of OPAL-RT Technologies for the microgrid simulations.

Mr. Bharadwaj Rangachar
Field Application Engineer

Mr. Bharadwaj obtained his master’s degree in electrical drives in 2016. He has been working in OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES as a field application engineer since then. His area of interest is motor control and power converters.

Presentation Abstract:
Mr. Bharadwaj will discuss the basics of real-time simulation and the benefits of using real-time simulation and then discuss real-time simulation of microgrids, the challenges and opportunities that they present. We will have a demonstration of a microgrid model being executed in real time.

Dr. Sukumar Mishra
Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi

Dr. Sukumar Mishra received his M.Tech and Phd in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela in 1992 and 2000 respectively. After spending 9 years as a lecturer at Sambalpur University (Orissa),Prof. Mishra joined BPUT(Orissa) as a Reader at Electrical Department and served there for a period of 2 years. Presently, Dr. Mishra is a Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and has been part of IIT Delhi for the past 15 years. Prof. Mishra has won many accolades throughout his academic tenure of 25 years. He has been a recipient of INSA medal for young scientist (2002), INAE young engineer award (2009,2002), INAE silver jubilee young engineer award (2012) and has recently won the Samanta Chandra Shekhar Award (2016). He has been granted fellowship from many prestigious technical societies like IET (UK), NASI (India), INAE (India), IETE (India) and IE (India) and is also recognized as the INAE Industry Academic Distinguish Professor. Currently, Prof. Mishra is holding the position of Vice Chair of Intelligent System Subcommittee of Power and Energy society (PES) of IEEE, which is considered to be one of the oldest technical societies in the world. Apart from all research and academic collaborations, Prof. Mishra is very actively involved in industrial collaborations. Prof. Mishra is currently acting as INAE Chair professor and has previously delegated as the NTPC and Power Grid Chair professor. He is also serving as an Independent Director of the Cross Border Power Transmission Company Ltd. and the River Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Prof. Mishra has also carried out many important industrial consultations with TATA Power, Microtek and others. Prof. Mishra is a great enthusiast of innovation and has supported many startups in the past and recently, has incorporated a new company named SILOV SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED under the Companies Act, 2013.The company specifically deals in products related to renewable energy sources utilizable at household scale as well as at commercial setups for example bidirectional electric vehicle supply equipment, AC based EV charger, DC based EV charger, grid connected solar inverters, smart DC home management systems, online UPS etc. Prof. Mishra’s research expertise lies in the field of Power Systems, Power Quality Studies, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid. Prof. Mishra has so far authored 206 papers (49 Transactions, 20 IET and IEEE Proceedings, 20 International journal and 112 conference papers) and has supervised 29 Phd students (19 ongoing), 38 Masters student (2 Ongoing). Prof. Mishra has also authored 5 book chapters so far and has 12 patents under his name. Prof. Mishra has been working in close association with IEEE Delhi Section Executive Committee for a past few years and is currently serving as an Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid and an Associate Editor for the IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution journal