WPRC 2020

Western Protective Relay Conference

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Maxim Beaudoin
Business Unit Manager- Western North America

Demo | Traveling Wave Relay Testing with FPGA-Based Real-Time Simulation

Shijia Li
Team Lead – Protection and Smart Grid

Watch a demonstration on how to use a real-time simulator to perform Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing of the latest Traveling Wave Fault Locators. The model of a power system network including a long transmission line is executed in real-time on FPGA at a time step of hundreds of nanoseconds. Low-power analog signals are sampled at 1MHz from the RTS and injected to two SEL-T400L relays. Various fault scenarios are applied to test the TW87 fault locating algorithms.

RT20 Webinar | Real-Time Cyber-Physical Simulation of the Electric Power Grid

At RT20, Shijia Li presented an incredible webinar on Real-Time Cyber-Physical Simulation of the Electric Power Grid. The evolution of traditional electrical grids towards cyber-physical systems (CPS) depends on the deployment of novel communication infrastructures to facilitate new control functions. This tendency makes the grid more intelligent, but at the same time more vulnerable to cyber threats. The real-time Cyber-Physical System simulation platform provided by OPAL-RT Technologies and Scalable Network Technologies allows users to study the complete system dynamics with or without cyberattacks, and test intrusion detection systems and defense operations in a flexible, scalable, and closed-loop testing environment. As an example, a microgrid control use case is presented to show the impacts of cyber attacks on an IEC 61850 network.

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Protection Systems

OPAL-RT provides a range of portable, high-performing real-time simulators specifically designed for protection engineers. The company’s simulation environment is capable of providing large and complex model-based or basic functional test scenarios, while simultaneously supporting an array of inputs and outputs for uncompromised connectivity.


As the industry increasingly focuses on cybersecurity, OPAL-RT is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art open power systems and real-time simulation platforms to meet the new security requirements of power system professionals.