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Take your skills to the next level with more HYPERSIM tutorials. Learn how to import your PSSE, EMTP or PSCAD models to real-time with HYPERSIM.

OP102: HYPERSIM® - Introduction to Power Systems Real-Time SimulationMenu

From PSSE to real time with HYPERSIM

In this video, learn how easy it is to bring your model from PSSE to real time with HYPERSIM.

• Introduction (00:00:11)
• Methodology (00:00:37)
• Example introduction: IEEE 118 bus power network (00:01:45)
• Importation to HYPERSIM (00:02:09)
• Comparing schematic and load flow results (00:03:18)
• Adding PMU and real-time simulation performance (00:04:33)
• Configuring C37.118 and monitoring PMU data under faulty condition (00:07:16)
• Conclusion (00:010:50)