RT18 Keynote and Technical Presentation Speakers

Nov. 13-16, 2018

Paris, France

Preliminary Presentation Series

We are excited to be bringing you amazing keynote speakers at #RT18

An Insight on the Value of Real-Time Simulation to Accelerate Time-to-market

Head of Digital Substation Applications
General Electric


In this presentation, Luis Miguel Costa will address the themes of the evolution of electrical systems and the role of real-time simulation in the necessary acceleration of time-to-market. He’ll also present an overview of how GE is using OPAL-RT technologies with the aim of accelerating the development of Digital Transformation in close proximity to its customers.


Luís Miguel Costa was born in Porto (Portugal) in 1980. He is specialized in energy systems with special focus on power systems. He has 15-year+ experience in transverse innovation. He is a GE renewables and energy storage integration expert. He currently heads all Advanced Automation Application developments on the system integration of renewable energy, DER, and storage. He also leads strategic activities related to the ongoing Digital Transformation. He holds (2004) a 5-year Engineering degree with Power Systems major from Porto University (FEUP) – Portugal and a (2008) Ph.D. in integration of renewables, energy storage, and MicroGrids under market conditions from MINES ParisTech – France. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE & PES and a GE recognized expert.

Towards a Decarbonised Energy System – An Insight on Challenges and Opportunities for Real-Time Simulation

R&D Project Manager for HVDC and DC
RTE Réseau de Transport d'Electricité


During this presentation, RTE will present its company profile and its role in the industry. The environmental context following COP21 will also be presented, as well as its consequences on the French, European, and global electricity systems. The presenters will address the following question: ''How will the changes and commitments made contribute to the development of new use cases for real-time simulation?” Two examples of applications for RTE will be presented, the first being more standard and the second, more innovative.


Dr Olivier Despouys currently works as R& D Project Manager for HVDC and Power Electronics at RTE (French Transmission System Operator). He is current the French regular member for CIGRE Study Committee B4 (HVDC and Power Electronics).

He spent most his career at RTE in various activities such as load forecast, IT project management, and HVDC technology. Previously, he was technical coordination for European R& D project Best Paths DEMO 2, dedicated to multi-vendor interoperability in HVDC-VSC systems.

Dr Olivier Despouys received the M.Sc. degree in computer science and applied mathematics from engineering school ENSEEIHT in 1997 and his Ph.D on artificial intelligence from LAAS-CNRS in 2000.

Current and Future state of Cybersecurity in the Electric Power Industry and How Modeling & Simulation is a Must

Chief Technologist for Cyber and ISR at

Mr. Aaron A.D. Fansler is the Chief Technologist for Cyber and ISR for AMPEX Information Systems (AIS) in addition to being the founder and serves Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Subject Matter Expert (SME) for OTB Security.

Aaron specialties in securing and exploiting of critical infrastructures such as the electric power grid, water and POL pipelines for potential vulnerabilities and critical interdependencies along with Machine Learning. Since 2002, Aaron has worked in the arena of assessing and exploiting potential vulnerabilities with Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Smart Grids, and Microgrids. From 2006 to 2008, worked at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Aaron obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado, Master’s degree in Information Assurance from Capitol University. Aaron is currently working on his Ph.D., Computer Science w/emphasis in Machine Learning at the University of Idaho.

Challenges for the Power Sector in the 21st Century

Executive Board Member
R&D Nester

Nuno de Souza e Silva currently leads the Research Center for Energy from REN, the Portuguese energy Transmission System Operator, and State Grid Corporation of China (R&D Nester). He obtained education from Harvard Business School (Key Executives Program), from the Florence School of Regulation (Regulation of the Power Sector), an MBA from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, an MSc. in Management by the same University, and an MSc. in Electrotechnical Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal.

Key topics include Power systems planning and operation, Digitalization of power systems, Power sector markets, Renewable energy integration, Power systems simulation, among others. He is currently the National Representative of the CIGRE National Committee for Study Committee C5 on Markets and Regulation.

As Country Manager of KEMA (currently DNV-GL), he provided consultancy for the energy sector in Portugal and abroad. Nuno closed more than 90 million Euros in mergers and acquisitions of energy assets in Europe and established more than 10 joint-ventures and greenfield operations in Europe and the United States of America. During three years in the Ministry of Economy as Director of the Cabinet for Strategy and Studies, he worked in public policies, including Innovation, Sustainable Development and Economic Growth. Previously, Nuno managed teams in the telecommunications industry for the deployment and operation of networks and services in fixed and mobile telecommunications.

Nuno lectured in the Energy-MBA and Post-Graduation course on Renewable Energies, published the book “Strategic Management of the Economic Growth in Portugal” and several papers in Europe, Asia and United States of America.

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