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Reference Number: AA-00785 // Views: 12933 // Created: 2011-11-17 05:00:00 // Last Updated: 2018-12-17 02:40:07
How To: Change IP address or IP mask on a RedHat target through telnet


How To: Change IP address or IP mask on a Redhat target through telnet

Please note that it is easier to change IP address and IP mask in RedHat GUI:


(Warning:  wrongly changed IP or mask may leave the target not connectable through telnet)


Open a telnet session (

Type: " vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX "


where X is a number (eg. eth0)


Machine generated alternative text: Command Prompt


Modify the IP address (IP ADDR) or IP mask (NETMASK)

(Use arrow keys to move cursor, "xx" to delete, "i" to insert, "Esc" to change mode)


After the modification,

Press " Esc "


Then type  " :wq " to save the file (or " :q " to leave the file without saving)


Then restart the target

Type:   " /etc/init.d/network restart "