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Reference Number: AA-01174// Views: AA-01174// Created: 2016-06-07 20:14:33// Last Updated: 2018-05-23 17:45:51
Problem & Solution
HYPERSIM 6: Connection Issues between the Target and the Host "No hycore detected"


In HYPERSIM 6, if you are installing the software for the first time, you might encounter an issue with your Host not able to connect with your Target. You will see the following display in your Target Options window. 

Before moving on, make sure you can PING your Target. 


This might be related to several issues. One reason is because the addon that comes with the installation file is not installed on your Target. This is due to the fact that the addon allows the sharing of files between the Target and the Host and when it's not installed, you have some communication issues between them.

To install the addon,

  1. Connect to your Target using MobaXterm as root
  2. Drag and drop the opal-hypersim_addons-sa-2-1.i686.rpm into /home/ntuser/ or any other directory.
  3. As root, do the following command in the command windows of MobaXterm, rpm -ivh --force ( ex: rpm -ivh --force /home/ntuser/opal-hypersim_addons-sa-2-1.i686.rpm)
  4. After the installation is successful, make sure you REBOOT your Target
  5. Close and reopen your HYPERSIM 6 in your Windows. Go into HYPERSIM>Tools>Target and click on the Refresh button. 

This issue can also arise if you are incorrectly modifying the IP configuration of the target. The service hy.core restart command (see next screenshot) may give an error concerning a license but the real issue is that the hy.core process can not be launched because of an IP mismatch. 

If the manual re-installation of HYPERSIM and the addons mentioned above do not solve this issue, follow these steps,

  1. Connect to your Target using MobaXterm as root
  2. Go to /etc and open the hosts file with a text editor. 
  3. Go to /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/
  4. Make sure that the IP address configured and the one next to RT_Server_X_X or RT_Server match.
  5. Save and reboot or enter service hy.core restart and service hy.server start
  6. Close and reopen your HYPERSIM 6 in your Windows. Go into HYPERSIM>Tools>Target and click on the Refresh button.