Simulation Systems : Overview



The Most Advanced Real-Time Simulation Systems Available

OPAL-RT provides a complete range of real-time simulation and control prototyping systems for power grids, power electronics, motor drives and other mechatronic systems. These systems include a cutting-edge software interface and hardware platform specifically designed to perform feasibility studies, develop new concepts, design and test controllers for a wide variety of applications, including small power converters, hybrid electric drives, large power grids and renewable energy systems.

Find The Simulation System Perfect for your Needs

HYPERSIM is an advanced real-time simulation platform designed specifically for Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing of large and complex power systems.

eMEGASIM is the only Simulink™/ Simscape Power Systems™ based real-time simulator for accurately simulating electromagnetic transients.

ePHASORSIM performs real-time and faster than real-time transient stability simulation for transmission and distribution grids with thousands of buses.

eFPGASIM is a super fast HIL platform for the development and testing of control and power electronic systems requiring sub-microsecond time step capability.

A Complete Package

Real-Time Simulation systems; HIL testing; electrical testing package

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